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tailoring mastery matched with customers’ personal requirements

The traditional artisanal methods of teaching and training were formulated by the particular mentality and habits of the master artisan. The students, or disciples, were not distinguished from the employees and usually started their course of training at a very tender age.

The duration of the “course” was undefine and the training program consisted of “look and listen” approach, and nothing more.


Hard work, absolute dedication.


The instructors team is composed of the bottega tailors


Our training programs are aimed at both the single student dreams and ambitions and at the whole needs of the industry of tailoring, haute couture and textiles.

The Sarto Program is our school’s highest level of training

It was designed and created exclusively for students who would like to acquire the complete set of competences, knowledge and skills of the Italian Florentine Sartorial Tradition.

The Program is a result of the uncompromising R&D conducted by the faculty team, under the supervision of Maestro Antonio Liverano.

The apprentice program is offered to students with former experience in practical tailoring

A personal curriculum will be created with the faculty after a professional exam and an interview.

Students will need to complete their first year of sartorial training in order to apply for the internship year

The focused program is for young tailors who wish to become an apprentice in our bottega

The training can be centered on the management aspects of a bespoke atelier, specific tailoring of garments (jackets, pants, coats, vests), working protocols or special techniques.

The Focus Program also fits young tailors with previous experience.

A three months program created in order to provide the magical encounter between cloth and master tailor

Through the practice of basic tailoring techniques the participants will learn the particular elements of each cloth typology.

The learning process will include technical specifications, advantages, limitations and other characteristics related to handmade bespoke tailoring.

The personal program is designed in order to respond to specific needs and progress of the learner

Students, apprentices and tailors who enroll into the Personal Program will go directly into our bottega with our tailors. 

They will work on their own garments and will be followed by a tailor tutor.

Before and after the enrollment to Antonio Liverano School you will be assisted by our students’ office

You will get help with Academic orientation and consulting, enrolment assistance, traveling arrangements and many more.

Please feel free to contact our Student office for any matter at:


The perfect location

One of the most
beloved city in the world

Known for its important role in the history of western civilization, Florence had become in the last 2 decades the desired destination of thousands of students, thus turning out to be an ideal place to spend your training years as a students and particularly in the artisan field.

Antonio Liverano
Maestro Tailor


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